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Horse clipper blades, wide blades


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Dog clipper blades


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Barber clipper blades


Moser arco blades


We sharpen clipper blades on Nebraska Blades clipper sharpening machine to hollow grind clipper blades to make sure wear is even and spread across the whole blade. This even spread of wear means that the blade will last and stay sharper for longer.

All clipper blades will be:

-Taken apart

-Cleaned and disinfected

-Hollow ground sharpened

-Cleaned again


-Put back together making sure blades are set correctly

-Checked tension of the spring and adjusted if required

-Tested on fur for smooth cut (you might find traces of red fur from our test)

Arco blades are stripped down and comb is flat sharpened. Cutter hollow sharpened taking extra care making sure it is not over heated and these blades cut like new.  They can usually be sharpened 5 times or more before the cutter wears out.