We can sharpen all types of scissors from domestic use to professional hairdressing or dog grooming scissors. We sharpen straight, curved, thinning and convex edge scissors  (including left handed).

All scissors will be:

-Taken apart


-Sharpened on the flat hone to repair any damages on the cutting edge

-Re-established ride line using water stone

-Serrated if required



-Put back together making sure it's balanced and tip aligned

*If required washer, spring plate, ring insert and bumper is replaced (including in your price)

-Tested to cut all the way to the tip without pulling

hairdressing scissors.jpg
Convex edge scissors


dog grooming scissors.jpg
Beveled edge scissors,    thinners or chunkers


tailoring scissors.jpg
Dressmaking, tailoring scissors


kitchen scissors.png
Fiskars, kitchen, small embroidery and general purpose scissors